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One of the documents found in a record for a year-old merchant seaman named William Hitchcock. Records of the U. Coast Guard, Record Group The public can access these records in two ways: through a request made via an offsite reference request with reproduction provided for a fee , or via onsite viewing at the National Archives at St. Louis Research Room.

In a March executive order, President Trump made a clear avenue for U.S. military veterans to transition into the Merchant Marine after.

We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free. Consider paying for research. You might also find information about an officer by searching the records of ordinary merchant seamen. It may help to know the number of a ship as ships are sometimes referred to in the records by their number rather then their name.

Search The Gazette for lists of masters and mates who passed officer examinations. From onwards a system of examinations was introduced for masters and mates. At first it was voluntary and applied only to foreign-going vessels. A certificate came with a number and new numbers were assigned if a replacement certificate was issued following the loss of the original.

Registers were created to record the awarding of these certificates to officers and what they had done to qualify for them. For each officer registers provide:. Use the name indexes indicated below in brackets to locate a certificate number. In the indexes, names beginning with Mc or Mac are usually found under the letter following that prefix.

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The register tells us the name, date and place of birth of a seafarer. It also has details of a mariner’s dates of engagement or discharge on board particular.

In a March executive order, President Trump made a clear avenue for U. This is a great thing for the men and women of the U. During peacetime, the Merchant Marine is not a part of the military, but they do support military operations aboard ships like Kaiser-class replenishment oilers and Hope-class vehicle cargo ships. Its regular mission is the import and export of cargo in and out of the United States. Components of the Merchant Marine are both civilian sailors and government-owned ships.

During wartime, the Merchant Marine can be used as the sealift component of the U. Naval Reserve. While the Merchant Marine could go by many names, the preferred term is “mariner. So much so, it’s worth mentioning twice. The merchant mariners of the United States have existed in some form or another since the founding of our country, and have distinguished themselves in “getting the stuff to the fight” whenever called upon.

Their first action came when a bunch of merchants off the coast of what is now Maine boarded a lumber schooner and sailed out to the HMS Margaretta in the aftermath of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Yes, this is during the American Revolution.

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They are valid for five years from the date of issue. See 46 U. MMDs show the position s on the ship for which the seaman is eligible to serve. The qualified work categories, e. Masters of United States vessels must engage a seaman at a foreign port in the presence of a consular officer.

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For over years, Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been preparing women and men for exciting and rewarding careers on land and sea. As the nation’s finest co-ed maritime college, MMA challenges students to succeed by balancing a unique regimented lifestyle with a typical four-year college environment. As a member of the cadet corps you will live, study, sail, work and play in an atmosphere that encourages you to be your best.

Request More Information. The MMC contains identification information and specifies the postions onboard a vessel that an individual is qualfied to sail in. These ratings do not require sea time, prior experience, or a test or exam. To be eligible to apply for an MMC, a cadet: 1. Must be a US citizen or an alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence. Must be free of all legal issues.

Must be able to meet the medical criteria for licensure.

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The date of the enactment of the Coast Guard Authorization Act of , referred to in subsec. The Federal Advisory Committee Act , referred to in subsec. Amendment by Pub. Please help us improve our site!

Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) promotes the highest quality of welfare Emergency helplines for the over 60s in prison and nearing release date.

We do not have your father’s records. Read below how to get records for mariners and ships. We do have an extensive library with ship histories, information about sinkings, casualties, government documents and much, much, more. Coast Guard:. The Coast Guard has records to the early ‘s. Click on Record Request Form , Complete form and mail to:. Service Records for U.

National Personnel Records Center-Civilian Records Facility has personnel and medical records of former Federal civilian employees from approximately to the present. Your letter should include:. Please state in your letter the information you are seeking. Your request must contain the individual’s or authorized representative’s signature. Louis, MO

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Did your ancestor live on the open seas as part of the Merchant Navy? Were they master of a ship, a deck hand or the cook in the galley? Explore these crew lists and agreements from archives and record offices across England and Wales. Over , of the , records in this set include images of original documents. The records include many born throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and further abroad. Furthermore, the records include the names of over Lascars from Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

requesting prisoner of war (POW) records for Merchant Mariners. Change Date. August 13, a. Problems Associated With Merchant Marine STRs.

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Merchant marine definition, the vessels of a nation that are engaged in commerce. An Americanism dating back to – Words nearby merchant marine.

This curiosity results in questions that seafarers are, quite understandably, repeatedly answering to every such person who has no to negligible information of the field of merchant navy. We have heard several myths, fallacies and utter nonsense spoken by people who have no clue about the industry at all. Agreed, the pay is good. It is correct that the initial pay is far better than what one would get at shore, but the gap closes up as time goes by. Moreover, people at shore ought not forget the pains a seafarer has to go through to bring in that sort of money- time away from family, living at the mercy of nature, tough labour onboard etc.

Seafarers Consume Alcohol All The Time: The world over seems to think that sailors have an infinite capacity for alcohol. This notion gives people the credibility to think that sailors drink alcohol like its going out of fashion. Also forgotten is the fact that drinking deters sharp judgment; and that mistakes at sea can threaten the lives of all onboard.

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